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Introduction to World Aurum Gold

KaratBars International is the only company in the world to reach the “next level” in the gold industry, (a private independent parallel global monetary system) . Feel free to browse this website, it’s the best gift you could possibly give yourself. No spending money or costs, fees involved plus 100% sure way of people being able to save assets now and from loss in the days ahead, 6000 year history on gold I believe is enough proof.

All other gold companies are into selling gold, Karatbars International is into USING gold!

Corporate branding, sports clubs, personal branding options available now. Coming September 11 2012 Merchant packages, soon after this KaratBars will be launching World Aurum, Licenses for World Aurum will come up for sale. Gold bullion back shopping rewards coming soon.

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If you can handle the ugly truth – Watch these videos.

People perish for lack of knowledge. Good information is never a disadvantage. I suggest watching the following video’s, the untold hidden story of the Federal Reserve System, it may be an eye opener for some people.

Zeitgeist – The Movie: Federal Reserve
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Part 5

World Aurum (KaratBars), an alternate currency, sound money (Gold “money” solution)

World Aurum Gold Group

I’ve found most people do not understand how big, how important and how urgent the economic situation is, next they have an almost impossible time believing there is a simple solution.

You may have never lived through a currency crash, “paper crash”, it does not mean it won’t happen. There’s been approximately 4000 currency crashes throughout history, gold and silver have never crashed. World Aurum is a given, a “private” gold bullion, with a private monetary system, people, merchants who wish to survive a currency crash will become involved with KaratBars.

Non seizure private gold bullion, you are owner, “not bearer only”!

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Karatbars International is predicting 200,000-250,000 merchants will be on board by end of 2012. In Europe 9000 merchants joined in 2 year period when KB Vision started in 3 European countries.

KaratBars is now in 79 countries with 194 countries being goal for end of 2012. Exponential growth expected as governments and businesses scramble to find a solution for “fiat” currency crash and the problems they know are coming.

Likely scenario, merchants and people that prepared, will be able to buy and sell using KaratBars International gold online or offline system.

Experts agree it’s not going to be a pleasant time. KaratBars International, is the only company in the world prepared, as you can imagine, exponential growth is a given as we near the time the inevitable hits, KaratBars International is ready.

If your one of the many people that read this and doesn’t take action, (it doesn’t cost anyone anything), exchange bad money for good money is what it is, paper currency comes out of one pocket gold money (sound money) no counter party risk goes back into the other pocket.

KaratBars now, and soon World Aurum,  Monetary Solution, 100% Sound Money

The KaratBars solution is here, all anyone needs to do is take a look. The days coming soon  where people that don’t set up a free KaratBars account will be sorry they didn’t.

Merchants need only ask themselves one question, when the current monetary goes down (bank holiday) what am I to do? The answer is always the same, gold and silver always become the number one system of barter. However there is only one company in the world that makes the transition simple. There won’t be any of the problems associated with weights and purity of gold and silver that coins and small bullion pose, they are inconvenient and subject to tampering. KaratBars gold is tamper and counterfeit proof.

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KaratBars International gold accounts will not be any harder than it is today using debit or credit cards and this even in the event of currency crash and bank closings ( KaratBars not connected with any Rothschild bank) .

May I ask, what other choice you have? KaratBars International is up, running and prepared for what’s coming. The world has never seen anything like this before, KaratBars International is making history, it’s set up so merchants can profit with KaratBars International rather than pay fees to credit card companies.

Customer only accounts are available and welcomed too for anyone that’s not interested in the free business opportunity that’s available with account.

No matter who you are you need to look into this. There is no downside, no losers this is becoming the next top successful business opportunity and most likely biggest the world has ever seen. There is no doubt about it. KaratBars International is the biggest undertaking to take place in Internet history, goal of expanding worldwide in one year.


Create your free account today get an inside look see where we’re going and welcome.

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Karatbars Merchant Accounts Gold back Program

Merchant Acceptance Points & Gold Bullion Back Shopping Program

KaratBars customers through participating merchants will soon be able to have physical gold deposited into their Karatbars accounts as shopping rewards. KaratBars International is testing the program in three European countries for 30 days and will then will be taking it worldwide.

NOTE: Update, Sept 11 2012 Merchant Packages become available for Merchants.

KaratBars International has tested and already proven in the market place the worth and value of such a program in Europe, the program has been redesigned to be a worldwide program. Transactions can be 100% gold transactions.

Participating merchants will be listed in the KaratBars back office and will have signs in store windows “K-Exchange” Point of sale, also online shopping.

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The world’s fiat monies are near failing, experts are only uncertain about when they will fail. KaratBars International is the world’s first private parallel competing monetary system, a sound money system using physical 999.9 pure 24 Karat gold. Fiat money will fail, gold money will not! There will be disruptions, gold is always one of the best ways to prepare.

KaratBars are adorned by the LBMA stamp, which is a symbol governments and individuals have come to respect around the globe for Refineries that meet the stringent Good Delivery practices.

World Aurum Gold is a Karatbars Idea

Through World Aurum other gold companies will be able to participate in what Karatbars International is doing, there will be a limited (only so many) and license fee for this , they will share in the profits and Karatbars International will always have the gold required in the future, win win. The details are still be worked out for this however they should become available soon.

karatbars merchant accounts,karatbars international,karatbars gold back program,Details on gold back program and World Aurum being released as the programs near completion.

KaratBars International is part of a group of 27 companies in business 17 years owning mines refineries minting and distribution rights, debt free fully self funded. Highly recommended by one of Europe’s top consumer watchdog groups.

Gold bullion savings plans, one time purchases. Karatbars International is in worldwide expansion, expected to be in 194 countries by the end of 2012, currently KaratBars International is functioning in 79 major countries.

KaratBars International has many things happening at once. Example, Affinity (personalized) branding cards for corporations, gift cards, specialty cards, birthdays, sports clubs, businesses etc…here is one example of Queens Diamond Jubilee, Pope John Paul II limited edition affinity cards, 100,000 cards were made for “collectors”, under license agreement by Vatican.

Merchant accounts, gold back and more.

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KaratBars International, no costs accounts, comes with a business opportunity for anyone that would like one, no costs. We are making gold available to the masses.
E-Commerce shop site now available for anyone that becomes a Karatbars affiliate.

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Merchant accounts,World Aurum, gold back shopping rewards!

Because of KaratBars International’s tactical advantages in the market place, lowest price worldwide is guaranteed for particular asset class. All middlemen have been eliminated (first to ever accomplish this).

Growing by leaps and bounds, the timing for KaratBars is perfect, the entire world knows and understands value of gold.

Acquiring gold is not spending, gold is money,  it’s saving and protecting wealth. Gold’s never gone bankrupt and despite the attempts (banks/government) to scare people away from gold at every opportunity, people are learning today the real value of gold in bad economic times.

People are beginning to realize it’s been the current fiat money (paper money not backed by anything of value) is what’s really been behind keeping people enslaved.

Two experts, Mike Maloney and Robert Kiyosaki – Don’t Save Money, Exchange it for Gold

Sound money, physical gold offers freedom, the wealthy have know this for a long time. KaratBars International makes owning gold affordable with 1 gram transaction friendly currncy gold. Being well received KaratBars is exploding onto the world scene and will become a household name, the only “spendable gold” and system.

You do owe it to yourself to learn about KaratBars International, create an account (no costs) get ahead of the curve. Especially when the world is in so much economic turmoil and KaratBars International offers a real solution.

Everyone will find value at KaratBars International, there is no nickle and dime tactics, no obligations, KaratBars International is unique in the gold industry and world, it’s the gold you need to acquire and the place to acquire it to get the most out of owning gold period.


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karatbars merchant accounts,world aurum,gold money,business opportunities,real money,

Secure your position today in this awesome no cost opportunity or be a customer. It doesn’t get any better than this PERIOD!

Gold is the ultimate consumable, people never have enough.

Acquiring physical gold and silver is by far the greatest act of wisdom and rebellion any Individual can and should be doing right now. It is both a Bullet to rebel against the Elite’s corrupt system and a Shield to protect your family and wealth in a post-dollar world. Acquiring physical gold and silver is non-violent, non-compliant resistance. Most importantly, it works outside of the system and it cannot be stopped.

Live the life you truly deserve, protect, preserve and grow your wealth. Here is a chart your banker is hoping you’ll never see!

karatbars gold money,karatbars merchants,alternative money, Free e-book top right “Science of Getting Rich”. Thank you for you’re time and attention I hope you enjoyed the information. As anyone can see Karatbars is very unique in the world they kept going while all other gold companies stopped.

For more information on Karatbars click Karatbars Intro 

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World Aurum KaratBars-Gold Concept

World Aurum, KaratBars International Concept

KaratBars are adorned by the LBMA stamp, which is a symbol governments and individuals have come to respect around the globe for Refineries that meet the stringent Good Delivery practices.

Gold bullion (sound money) worldwide. Physical gold! Online account where KaratBars gold is acquired either monthly savings accounts starting at 50 euro month ($65-70 U.S.) or one time currency exchanges converting to gold bullion, funding your account. No one ever spends money, gold is money.

Would you rather have a bank account backed by FDIC or backed by gold?

Everybody would say gold, if they knew they could. Now they can! What’s happening now is people are setting up KaratBars International accounts (all no cost) and are saving gold bullion long term little by little, in some cases people are making large exchanges because they have assets they want to secure against what’s happening with all the debasing of currencies today and the inevitable “paper crash” that’s coming.

world aurum,currency gold,

Be aware and prepare for the World Aurum concept

While really this is just the beginning, World Aurum is preparing for the merchants that want to become involved with the KaratBars International, private parallel worldwide monetary system, everyone in will be using their “online accounts” or their KaratBars Product cards (physical gold in both cases), 100% gold transactions using physical gold.

The concept has already been tested and is highly successful, merchants love it, rather than pay banks credit card fees, they earn from (everybody wins) using KaratBars International, it’s debits and credits at spot price of gold for that day, from customer account to merchant account.

Currently most people are building their gold bullion next egg and securing assets, they are not to interested in spending yet or using their account to purchase goods online. Keep in mind when inflation gets out of control and currencies are very near a crash is when this will change, even when currency crashes you will be able to use KaratBars private independent monetary system to do business, merchants that have merchant accounts, not only that even if merchants are not in the KaratBars program they will accept KaratBars gold product cards over and above all other gold because KaratBars is 999.9 pure 24 Karat bullion, tamper proof, counterfeit proof, LBMA (London Bullion Marketing Association) Certified weight and purity, it’s currency gold.

World Aurum is expected to have 200,000-250-000 merchants on board by end of 2012. Previously in 3 countries in Europe KaratBars had 9000 merchants with accounts in 2 years time. KaratBars is in 79 countries now expanding worldwide to 194 countries by end of 2012, there is more interest now, more convenience now, more people now, it’s exploding into exponential growth, it’s the best possible solution and the solution people have been looking for.

world aurum group,currency gold

Debt, creating money backed by nothing pushes gold prices higher, gold has been used as a hedge against inflation successfully for nearly 6000 years never going bankrupt. The concept on what’s happening I hope paints a clear picture about how good this program is. It’s happening and fast, all the pieces have been put together, it’s safe, secure, the highest of secure shipping worldwide is being utilized. The best jurisdictions and secure vaults again LGD London gold delivery vaults.

Merchants can create a free account with KaratBars and learn more about World Aurum Merchant Programs as they begin and KaratBars International.

To create your free account as a gold bullion saver, partnering with KaratBars comes with the account, some smaller merchants will find this is all they need, a free partnership affiliate if you would like to be part of this great opportunity and merchants also will soon be able to secure merchant accounts through KaratBars International for Aurum Gold happening days from now, be aware and prepare, merchant or not. CLICK HERE

For more information

Why KaratBars Why Now

KaratBars TV

Please share this information with your friends.

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Debt Forces Gold Price Higher

Will Gold Price See $10,000?

There is a variety of opinions about gold today, the following 13 minute video makes a clear case from a reliable source on gold price eventually reaching $10,000.00. Pay close attention near the end where pension plan funds are headed for protection.

Empire Club Outlook 2012: Why Rising Debt Will Lead to $10,000 Gold

The information in the video makes it clear the gold price has no where to go but up. It’s been my first hand experience there are many that don’t want people knowing it. That would be the people with their hands on the money printing presses and their friends.

Here is post Jan 29/2012 with information about the money printing and where it will be sending gold and silver prices.


There are some big and fast changes occurring in the world today. The last decade saw 80% in U.S. and 70% in Canadian purchasing power disappear from the currencies. We don’t need to look any further, there is a solution.

KaratBars International and World Aurum a revolution and crusade in one together have become the best possible solution.

world aurum,karatbars,debt,fiat currency,spendable gold,karatbars merchants information,

KaratBars are adorned by the LBMA stamp, which is a symbol governments and individuals have come to respect around the globe for Refineries that meet the stringent Good Delivery practices.

KaratBars 999,9 pure 24 Karat gold bullion money, currency gold (accepted worldwide) and a PRIVATE independent parallel monetary system. All put together with gold bullion savings accounts people own manage and control. So really it’s a matter of, if people want to free themselves from the shackles that have had them bound “defacto fiat currencies”, change to sound money “gold”, best of all, without cost.

So simple it hurts I know. Not a hard decision to make. The statistics are amazingly dreadful on the percentages of people that have been left out of this loop. Changing a little to the good lately only because people are getting shaken out of their comfort zones, waking up now to who’s causing the problems and who are the only ones that can begin to reverse the situation.

aurum gold group,merchant gold,karatbars,currency gold, spendable gold,

Get started today by clicking on the FREE Account.

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Here’s a link to some important information and video’s about us here at KaratBars International, gold price vs currencies KaratBars TV


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